Welcome To My World!


I’m a retired farmer and factory worker who started to write after my wife Wilma, went to Heaven in 2002. My desire to write Wilma’s biography prompted me to sign up for a two-year writer’s course to write it properly.

I also am a Bible teacher conducting studies at our local retirement centre. Along with writing  my faith stories, I began broadening my horizons and have   written  several short stories.

One of these is The Blizzard. In it I tell of getting my first shot gun as a teenager and on a hunting expedition I got caught in a raging blizzard that could have ended tragically if it weren’t for devine intervention…. check it out in my faith stories.

I have some fun, short stories. Some are memories of my childhood and a story about my first car and many more.

Be sure to check out My Short Stories and My Faith Stories.